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The Yoga of Writing

Posted in Philosophy on January 22, 2011 by yogawithmark

Journal entries are something I enjoy doing but I never imagined my self displaying my thoughts in public. There were two things that were keeping me from writing publicly; my innate fear of criticism and  my incessant need of perfection. Then I finally learned to accept that people will criticize me regardless of how well or badly I do something and that perfection, if there is even such a thing, is relative. Hence the birth of this novel entry.

The title reads “the Yoga of Writing” not just as a genre specific, cliche alternative for “the Art of” or “the Science of” but as a title that speaks for itself. It goes beyond the connotation that Yoga is a physical practice of the body. In actuality the word Yoga literally translates as “to yoke”. To yoke can also mean to unite or to unite ones self to something higher or that which, transcends the ego. Writing consciously without hesitation allows me to have a little glimpse of liberation. I feel the words pour out of my mouth and through my fingertips as sacred words of inspiration. All that I write in this blog will be the reflection of my daily practice and life as a Yogi both on and off the mat, right here in Fort St. John B.C.

For those of you who decide to check this blog out, I just want to thank you in advance for sharing your interest. Please feel free to write comments however, comments that include profanity and inappropriate language will be deleted.  So, with all due respect, please always be respectful.